Healthy Sport Junior Badminton Club
Club Volunteer Opptunities
Your volunteering can make a difference for our members learn, play and grow in a safe badminton club space. Your volunteer work is very important for us to get the club service activities run smoothly. Every year, the club seeks variety of volunteer postions for controbuting your time and skills to support the club activities. Some of following volunteer opptunities are often required in the badminton season.
  • Parents Duty Roster - The volunteer on duty needs take in and out for the shuttlecock bastet, set up the badminton net on the courts before the session starts and tear down the net when the session is over.
  • Club Representative - As a club representative, the volunteering person takes the leadership during the designated badminton session and coordinates with all participates in regular basis to assist and improve the club management service.
  • Volunteers for EDBA Events - Adult volunteers are typically assigned representing the club annually to support EDBA  events such as casino fund raising and open tournament etc.
  • Sponser Volunteer - The Club may call for some volunteer help when our sponsers require for their programs or events.
Your volunteering is very important for us. We appreciate for your consideration and contributions. If you are interested in doing a volunteer work, please contact with our on-site representative or send a message to the club email .